Robert Lee

Robert Lee - Founder and visionary of Killer Whale Corp. An MBA with an M.S. Eng and love for disruptive technologies. One of the early adaptors of Blockchain Technologies. Life long career in development of software solutions, including blockchain payment systems. Internationally-minded, moved from corporate to small ventures throughout Asia and a brief advisory role. Loves opening a closed mind to a solution that a new technology can create. He has a keen interest in international business strategy with an emphasis on blockchain technology applications.

Peter West

Peter West is a CEO with over 45 years of international business experience in trade, industry and privately held corporations. His strong team leadership has resulted in navigating a multitude of businesses to high levels of success. Dealing with traditional banking and its fallacies has led him to an extensive study of the crypto exchanges and its opportunities. Peter was hired by Killer Whale Corp over 50 other candidates. The Killer Whale project has made significant contributions from Peter’s leadership role. He is a strong operational leader with problem solving and decision making abilities that leads the company to high levels of return on investment for both the company and its investors. He has a proven record of business leadership and accomplishments over the tenure of his business career.


Ajay Shukla

Ajay Shukla is the CTO of Killer Whale Platform. He is instrumental in providing the technological impetus to the Killer Whale digital environment. He is endowed with admirable and impeccable professional credentials meticulously acquired over the years of diverse corporate exposure. He is a seasoned and time tempered IT professional with extensive, varied and in-depth experience in Software programming, Data analytics, Big Data, Database administration and managing crypto technology programs. He has strong administrative acumen in problem solving, confident decision making, and effectively fusing administrative policies to technology resulting in an overall unique experience that positively impact customer satisfaction and operational cost. He has exposure of various markets and geographies spanning from India, Europe, Australia and USA. He had played a vital role in successfully setting up digital and crypto paraphernalia of many companies and clients which will enable him to propel the institution in the right corporate trajectory.

Vipin Shukla

Vipin Shukla is Project Head of Killer Whale Platform. He is a through bred and unblemished computer science professional in the software domain with an impeccable, long standing and unstinted association with managing projects in many IT companies. He has immaculate technical and managerial acumen which will be deployed for furthering the institutional interests. He has proven leadership in crypto domain product conceptualization, organizational strategy and operations. His profile orientation has a calibrated blend of astute leadership and entrepreneurial qualities enabling his right fit to the role. His commitment to the institution, its policies, ideals and values are firm and total.

Rashmi Kulkarni

Rashmi Kulkarni is the dynamic Project Manager of the Killer Whale crypto environment. She is an accomplished and qualified computer professional. With digital experience of nearly a decade and with more than 200 successfully executed projects of nearly 80 satisfied clients, Rashmi is a prized asset to the Killer Whale technological niche. She is a positive and energetic leader with high integrity having ability to envision and create successful outcomes in complex technological situations. She is an ardent task driver and formulator of strategies to evolve, grow and deliver outcomes exceeding customer perceptions and expectations.

Hemant Anjana

Hemant Anjana is a Sr. Web Developer of the Killer Whale Platform. He is a qualified computer professional with over 8 years of hands-on experience with particular focus to the crypto domain. His niche expertise encompasses PHP, Angular JS and Node JS development. He has successfully developed and executed several projects in the Transport, Booking, Trading and BlockChain business verticals. In his 8 years of experience he has successfully developed more than 30 websites for his distinguished clients.

Rajat Sharma

Rajat Sharma is the Sr. PHP Web Developer and blockchain coordinator of the Killer Whale Platform. He is a qualified computer professional with over 6 years of hands-on experience with particular focus to the crypto domain. He also has sound domain orientation of fundraising and marketing. He has till date successfully developed and executed more than 24 projects of clients with diverse and varied product portfolios.


Anil Pandey

Anil Pandey is the Sales and marketing head of the Killer Whale Platform. Anil is a strategic thinker with over three decades of varied and broad based expertise in sales, marketing, development and crypto consultation.

Rick Plotnikoff

Rick Plotnioff is a professional global business consultant and ex-CEO with over 34 years of corporate and freelancing interface. He has long and sustained exposure both to the fiat and crypto exchange domains. He has been involved with the Killer Whale project team since its inception and has made vital contributions in conceptualizing and redefining the business and its model. He has strong administrative acumen in business strategizing, problem solving, decision making, and effectively amalgamating policies to technology resulting in an overall unique experience that positively impact customer satisfaction and brand effectiveness. He has excellent business skills and worked with multi ethnic products and markets.

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